Beetlejuice – The Musical at Buell Theatre

Beetlejuice at Buell TheatreWelcome to the eerie world of Beetlejuice, where a bio-exorcist demon teaches a young couple to become terrifying in order to save their home! This out-of-this-world story based on the 1988 film was adapted into a stage musical in 2018, and now it’s set to hit the road for its highly-anticipated national tour! Beetlejuice will now travel across North America, hitting one city at a time and entertaining theater, horror, and comedy fans! If you think that’s a weird combination, guess again! This brilliant musical actually received plenty of rave reviews and multiple awards during its Broadway run! This fantastic show will be making a stop in Denver, Colorado, and take over the Buell Theatre for several performances! Beetlejuice welcomes young and old, longtime and new-found fans, as this horror-comedy epic is the perfect entertainment for all types of viewers! Beetlejuice features a remarkable storyline and has been adapted many times – from video games, animated shows, toys, and now a stage musical! It’s truly a cultural phenomenon you wouldn’t want to miss! Hurry and score your tickets now and see Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre!

Beetlejuice Musical Tickets:

“Screamingly Good Fun!” – Variety

“A Feast for the Eyes and Soul!” – Entertainment Weekly

“A Jaw-dropping Funhouse!” – The New York Times

“A Big, Fantastical Funhouse of Burtonesque Magic!” – People Magazine

Beetlejuice The Musical

Beetlejuice is the primary character of this scary but funny story. A couple, Barbara and Adam Maitland, found themselves in a horrific accident while driving home. They plunge to their death as their car swerves and head straight for the river. Clueless about their fatal fate, the couple heads home and finds an unfamiliar book titled The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Having realized they didn’t have reflections, Adam figured that they did not survive the accident and that they were in a strange world for the dead. He tries to leave the house but ends up in a vast empty and desert-like landscape occupied by monstrous sandworms. Unfortunately, this was not the end of their problems. In the real world, their house has been sold to another family. That means Barbara and Adam will have to share the house, much to their dismay. Consulting the handbook, the couple found that they could procure the services of a bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice, to help scare the family away.

Beetlejuice is based on the 1988 film written by Tim Burton. The stage adaptation features the storyline by Scott Brown and Anthony King. Original music and lyrics were written and composed by Eddie Perfect, who has done exemplary work with 9 to 5, King Kong, and Shane Warne: The Musical. The production also brought in an amazing creative team comprising scenic designer David Korins, costume designer William Ivey Long, lighting designer Kenneth Posner, and sound designer Peter Hylenski. Since the musical has a horror themed storyline, the production also hired necessary experts to create that unearthly universe similar to what made the original film so popular. Hence, Beetlejuice the musical also hired illusions expert Michael Webber, puppet designer Michael Curry, and special effects expert Jeremy Chernick, and projection designer Peter Nigrini. With their talents, the world of Beetlejuice is brought to the big stage. The musical takes the audience on a journey to another universe where the afterlife is scary and also annoying. The main character Beetlejuice acts as the host and often break the fourth wall – talking to the audience and trying to convince them to say his name three times.

Buell Theatre Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice the Musical had its first trial run in Washington D.C. in 2018. The show’s success led to its highly-anticipated Broadway run in April of 2019. Produced by Warner Bros. Theater Ventures, Beetlejuice finally wrapped its New York production in March of 2020 due to the covid pandemic, but not before the musical garnered numerous accolades. Beetlejuice received eight Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score. Scenic designer David Korins’ work with Beetlejuice is nothing short of extraordinary. And it clearly received its fair share of awards. At the Outer Critics Awards and Drama Desk Awards, Beetlejuice received multiple nominations and won the Awards for Outstanding Set Design. Meanwhile, over at the Drama League Awards, director Alex Timbers won the Founder’s Award for Excellence in Directing.

Two years later the musical made its phenomenal return. This time, it embarked on a much-awaited U.S. run. The national tour features a stellar cast composed of Justin Collete as Beetlejuice, Isabella Esler as Lydia, Britney Coleman as Barabara, Will Burton as Adam. During an interview, Will Burton expressed his excitement in being cast for the role of Adam Maitland. “I saw Rob McClure play Adam on Broadway, and I knew that was the role I wanted to play.” He goes on to describe his fondness for his character, “Adam is a neurotic, passionate character who is not much fun to play. I get to act, sing, and dance. Dancing is my passion.”

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