The Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre has a generous 2,839 seating capacity, making it the highest-grossing theater of its size in the country! At the venue, guests have three levels of seating options to choose from: Orchestra, Mezzanine, and the Balcony.

buell theater seating chart

Seating Areas


The Orchestra is located on the theater’s main floor area and is divided into five sections.


The Mezzanine is divided into five sections and has box seating.


The Balcony is also divided into five sections and has box seating.

Seats are available at various prices, levels and sections, meaning there’s something for everyone! Each seat in the house offers a fantastic view of the stage and second-to-none acoustics.

buell theatre seating

Accessible Seating

The Buell Theatre is accessible for patrons with accessible needs. Wheelchair-accessible seating options along with companion seats, and additional services like ASL interpretation, audio description, and open captioning are available for certain performances. Please note that designated wheelchair-accessible seats operate on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that all non-wheelchair accessible seats are sold out, any remaining accessible seats may be released for sale to the general public.