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The Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

Ben Platt

Get ready for some musical excellence, Denver, because celebrated actor, singer, and songwriter Ben Platt is coming to The Buell Theatre on July 15th. The Grammy, Tony, and Emmy award winning artist is getting ready to partake in a massive North American tour, which is not the first of its kind; Platt has been making music since 2019 and already has a few tours under his belt, not to mention his lengthy time spent on Broadway. Get your tickets now to see him live in Denver. You won’t want to miss this - trust me.

After retiring from the role of Evan Hansen and prioritizing his own music projects, Platt is ready to grace the stage in Denver, Colorado. With his musical catalog, fans and critics alike are sure it will be a triumph. To see him perform his brand new pop hits along with some classics from previous works, head to Denver July 15th. Get your tickets now!

Before he was a singer performing across the US on his very own solo endeavor, he began acting. Platt has been in various musical productions since the age of nine, and earning commercial praise almost exactly as long. His performances in smaller productions eventually lead to his most notable musical stint, the leading role in Dear Evan Hansen. Since then, he’s been going nowhere but up - performing at the Grammys, collaborating with industry icons, and defeating evil feelings by capturing them in writing. Give his stuff a list and then grab some tickets to see him live this year!

Ben Platt is almost equal parts singer and actor. And not just on the stage - he’s had his fair share of cinematic releases. He famously brought the role of Benji Applebaum to life in the smash hit comedy Pitch Perfect, even returning for a sequel. But when he’s not portraying a cappella college kids or performing live at the Grammys, he’s writing music. To catch his latest achievement (his newest studio album), get tickets to see his performance at The Buell Theatre - it’s an event you simply can’t miss out on.

Ben Platt is nothing if not versatile. His new album, Honeymind, is an amalgamation of his freshest musical genius, and he’s performing it live in Denver this summer. The tour is going all over the US and Canada, but tickets are selling for his Denver show right now. This tour is going to be monumental, so get your tickets online today. Don’t miss this!!

How many people can say that they’ve starred in not one, but two Broadway musicals? Ben Platt sure can. Prior to Dear Evan Hansen’s unforgettably successful run, he played the leading role in The Book of Mormon in 2014. Then, almost immediately after, he took on Evan Hansen. Point is, Platt is unstoppable. His latest record, Honeymind, is proof that he simply never stops; you never know where he’s going to be next. That’s why you should catch him while he’s in Denver on his tour! Get tickets now before they’re gone! Don’t wait. Buy them now!

Ben Platt at The Buell Theatre

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