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The Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

Bianca Del Rio

Get ready for some big laughs, a larger-than-life personality, and a gargantuan wig! It’s the highly awaited comedy spectacle featuring none other than the illustrious Bianca Del Rio! The drag queen of comedy is back and she’s turning the Buell Theatre into one sensational laugh riot! Are you ready to laugh and have your jaws dropped?! Because only Bianca Del Rio can have you in shock and laugh at the same time! The show, which is part of Bianca Del Rio’s Dead Inside Tour, will light up the stage on Monday, 29th April 2024! Prepare yourself for some hilarious stories, some iconic roasts, and jaw-dropping punchlines! See Bianca’s legendary insults and even more legendary jokes about her fellow drag queens! And if you’re feeling a little brave, you may want to score some seats over at the front! If you catch her attention, she may just read you to filth! Can’t say that being insulted by the queen is not a bragging right because it’s definitely a badge of honor! So hurry and secure your tickets to see Bianca Del Rio!

Coming from her massively successful Unsanitized Tour, Bianca Del Rio is back to stir up some controversy for her brand new outing titled Dead Inside! The comedy drag queen is slated to embark on her massive U.S. trek, including a coveted stop in Denver, Colorado! For her show at the Buell Theatre, fans can anticipate Bianca Del Rio’s signature comedy, which is great storytelling ending with a highly insulting punchline. But mind you, fans love this stuff! The queen of comedy happens to also be the esteemed queen of reads. So, if insult comedy is your thing, Bianca Del Rio is the melting pot of insults! Her material is definitely not for the faint of heart, and the devil may come knocking on her door sometime soon. But as Bianca Del Rio would say, not today, Satan!

Roy Haylock a.k.a. Bianca Del Rio, is a critically acclaimed stand-up comedian. Topics often involved personal stories, things relating to current events, and the drag queen industry. Bianca Del Rio has established her incredible bit as the queen of reads. No, you won’t find Del Rio lip-synching or dancing on stage like other queens. She’s here to bring top-tier comedy! And boy can her comedy get pretty intense! The bits are often a mixture of hilarious anecdotes, some witty observations, and lots and lots of insults. The comedian is also known to do fantastic crowd work, and her fans consider her insult as a badge of honor. So, if you’re keen on some great laughs, it’s time to bring yourself to Buell Theatre on Monday, 29th April 2024!

Aside from great entertainment, you’re guaranteed the time of your life at the Buell Theatre. The venue is equipped with top-notch facilities, ranging from state-of-the-art lights and sound, comfortable seating, great ambiance, and fantastic customer service. The Buell Theatre has hosted some of Denver’s most exciting shows and musicals, and you’re guaranteed to have a great night out!

Hurry and secure tickets to see Bianca Del Rio at the Buell Theatre on Monday, 29th April 2024!

Bianca Del Rio at The Buell Theatre

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