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Everybody’s Changing, but good alternative rock music never runs out of fashion. And what is alternative rock without the English band Keane? Well, we could only imagine how incomplete it would be if the world did not hear the hits “Somewhere Only We Know,” “This is the Last Time,” “A Bad Dream,” and “Everybody’s Changing,” among many others. We are indeed blessed with the melodic, emotive, and distinctive voice of singer Tom Chaplin. However, Colodaro fans of the Grammy-nominated band are extra blessed as they will have the chance to witness Chaplin and the rest of his mates perform in one exciting concert on September 9 at The Buell Theatre. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of their famous album “Hopes and Fears,” the band will be touring around the country — and Denver is one of the lucky venues they will visit. Whether you have been a fan of Keane since the early 2000s or you just discovered them through TikTok, this show will satisfy your craving for their genuine music. Secure your tickets early. Hit the “Get Tickets” link to reserve yours now!

The 2000s was considered the renaissance of indie British rock as a result of the international dominance of alternative rock. Among the trailblazers of the scene during this time was Keane. The East Sussex band produced records that are heavily reliant on piano melodies more than guitar rhythms, a direct inspiration to Elton John's formula. Under their belt are five equally acclaimed albums. All of which contributed to their rise to stardom internationally.

The band's foundation was formed due to Tim Rice-Oxley declining to take part in the formation of Coldplay (which became the most popular alternative/pop rock band). The band was already primed for a professional debut in the 90s, which Rice-Oxley felt like a waste if he decided to leave. However, it took them a lot of challenges, and by 2002, they stopped performing. Then came a sudden change when Simon Williams (popular for kicking off Coldplay's career in the prior years) heard the band's performance. They finally received the much-awaited record deal in 2003 with Island Records. By the time the band recorded their debut, Tom Choplin, Rice-Oxley, and Richard Hughes were the remaining members.

The year 2004 was a great time for the trio as their debut "Hopes and Dreams" dropped. The album was a UK and US mainstream success. This was thanks to the appeal of the singles "Everybody's Changing" and "Somewhere Only We Know." Sonically, they did not stray away from their first release with their sophomore, "Under the Iron Sea" in 2006. The song "Atlantic" is considered the highlight of this album. Following through their two-year album release interval, "Perfect Symmetry" went public in 2008. Unlike the past two albums, this one is more organic and more laid-back. Jesse Quin completed the band during the development of this album.

During the 2010s, they brought out their best songwriting with "Strangeland." It was their fourth consecutive album that topped the UK charts. "Silenced by the Night" was the biggest hit in its track. They went on a long hiatus after touring for this album. They came back at the end of the decade with "Cause and Effect."

Keane will be headlining a 20th-anniversary tour next year. Buell Theatre will host their performance on September 9. Grab your tickets now!

Keane at The Buell Theatre

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