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Penn & Teller

Pop a dose of mind-bending magic and side-splitting comedy as the legendary Penn & Teller takes the stage on March 13th at the Buell Theatre! The terrific twosome, with over 45 years in the business, conquered the world through their award-winning performances, both live and on-screen. Now, they’re getting ready for another 90-minute exhibition for their loyal fans. Gasp and flabbergast as the comical duo perform shiny new spins from their old bag of tricks! Penn's larger-than-life presence and Teller's enigmatic silence create a curious chemistry that captivates audiences no matter their age (or level of maturity). By the end of the show, you’re sure to leave with a whole new sense of humor and wonder! Don’t miss the magicians extraordinaire! See Penn & Teller LIVE at the Buell Theatre on Wednesday, March 13, 2024! Early birds get the worm, so book your reservations now!

Come watch an unexpected spectacle between mime and showman! Pop-culture icons Penn & Teller are performing LIVE at the Buell Theatre, Denver. Drag your friends along for a wonderful Wednesday on the 13th of March!

A little known fact about Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller is that they starred originally in a trio in 1975. Officially becoming a duo in 1981, the two amassed a legacy of various shows, film appearances, book deals, and live performances in the successive years. In 2020, Penn & Teller celebrated the 45th anniversary of their prolific partnership.

“If you want to relax and enjoy a couple of living legends who perfected the genre of sly, cerebral comedy/magic over the last 4 decades… Penn & Teller may be right for you.”

Sporting a signature style that blends mischief and magic, Penn & Teller will leave you either stunned speechless or laughing like a hyena. Sink into your seats as they share the secrets of old tricks, while also transforming timeless classics into fun, new experiences. Throwing in their hilarious buddy-comedy shtick, the big boisterous Penn and the small silent Teller promises 90 minutes of straitjackets, magic bullets, and 100% breathless amusement.

From a previous interview, Penn shared a shocking preview into the creative process between him and his quieter half.
“We are not in any way supportive. As soon as the germ of an idea comes up, the other person tries to crush it. But we are brutal because if there’s something bad about an idea, we want to find out as soon as we can. It has to survive that process… We never, ever compromise, because that can only lead to mediocrity. If one of us doesn’t like something, we try to come up with another idea we both do like.”

Having their names cemented in the Hollywood Walk of Fame is just the tip of the iceberg for Penn & Teller’s collective acclaim. The Emmy Award-winning pair has also received countless nominations from the Emmy, Critic’s Choice, BAFTA, and Olivier award-giving bodies honoring their contributions to arts and performances.

And to top it all off, hosting the event is the universally praised Buell Theatre! The venue proudly supports a wide array of amenities like convenient parking, friendly staff, and state-of-the-art seats and stage for your viewing pleasure. It’s still a way off, but it pays to be punctual! Buy tickets now to see Penn & Teller LIVE at the Buell Theatre on Wednesday, March 13, 2024!

Penn & Teller at The Buell Theatre

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