1776 – The Musical at Buell Theatre

1776 - The Musical Tickets

Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

This is a historical masterpiece that will change your outlook on our country, who we are and why. Now it is your turn to watch the majesty that is 1776, the production which will be coming to The Buell Theatre on Saturday 25th March 2023. This critically acclaimed theater show will leave spectators with a better understanding of the past. Enjoy the breathtaking stage as the superb performers dressed in the most dazzling costume design take you through the story of 1776. With such critical awards this one will sell out very quickly, but you can buy your tickets right here before it is too late.

1776 - The Musical at Buell Theatre

Two dozen men are seeking to seek out how the can break away from Great Britain as the events of 1776, the theater show unwinds. What does it take for these tough, passionate individuals to put their politics aside and find some common ground. They are playing with a nation's future, therefore the stakes are high. Audience members thirteen and older will enjoy this Tony Award-winning drama, which has popular songs including Overture, Sit Down, John, Piddle, Twiddle, Resolve/Till Then and the Lees of Old Virginia.

The critics have called “1776 is indestructible, with a smart, funny, and deceptively simple score (Edwards), and an ironclad script (Stone) that manages to do the impossible” – The Art Mania and “1776 gets a lively gender-swapped revival on Broadway” – ew.com

The musical 1776, has gripped onlookers as they amaze at the amazing visual effects and the top-notch actors wearing the most extravagant costumes.
Tickets will not be sold for long, especially for anything this fantastic, but you can reserve your spot by buying them here.

1776 - The Musical at Buell Theatre

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