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You don't want to miss Hamilton on Broadway! If you haven’t had the pleasure of the hit new musical Hamilton yet? Well, don't worry; the The Buell Theatre is here! Whether you’re needing inspiration or some spectacular theatrical experiences, Hamilton at the The Buell Theatre is the show for you.

A re-telling of the real life of Alexander Hamilton, the U.S. Founding Father, Hamilton is a unique fusion of history, Hip-Hop and traditional show music, and spectacular acting. “You leave the theater filled with possibility” says Tulis McCall of New York Theatre Guide.

This performance of Hamilton at the The Buell Theatre will be performed on Wednesday 23rd October 2024. You and your friends can now see Hamilton for an affordable price.

Did you know? Alexander Hamilton became famous for being the first Secretary of the Treasury in the United States and authored the Federalist Papers. He later died from losing a duel he had with the U.S. Vice President - Aaron Burr. What a time to be alive then, aye?!

The interesting and action packed tale inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to create his musical masterpiece. From its premiere in 2015, Hamilton has won several awards.

Hamilton received a record-breaking 16 Tony Awards nominations and won 11 of them, including Best Musical. The Broadway sensation, Hamilton, won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the Hamilton experience is its ethnically diverse cast. The show casts racial minorities to play the original Founding Fathers. Miranda described Hamilton as being about "America then, as told by America today." Currently, Hamilton at the The Buell Theatre has cast Trey Curtis as Alexander Hamilton, Bryson Bruce as Thomas Jefferson, Jared Dixon as Aaron Burr, and many more talented minority actors.

“Hamilton is a life changing experience,” said a reviewer via Yelp.
“The Buell Theatre is the premier Broadway has to offer!” - Theatre With Trey, best author on Google Reviews.

In its 99th year of operation, the The Buell Theatre has been a staple in Denver Broadway for its old-fashion architecture and hosting legendary productions. The The Buell Theatre is located in Denver, Colorado. Refreshments and small snacks are offered at the The Buell Theatre before the performance and during the short intermission. Alcoholic beverages are sold as well. This historic venue and production is perfect for family, friends, and people to come together who love history and showtunes.

With a capacity of over 1,100, seats at the The Buell Theatre will run out fast, so secure your passes NOW before they're gone!

Hamilton at The Buell Theatre

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