Jesus Christ Superstar at Buell Theatre

Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets

The Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

Jesus Christ Superstar

Right now, rock fans are gathering up to catch Jesus Christ Superstar live on Sunday 28th January 2024 at The Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado. This show brings one of the hottest and most well regarded rock opera musicals of all time for an unbelievable brand-new version of this classic work. As soon as the curtains rise, theater lovers will want to get up and cheer for this unbelievable show! Fans and critics are ready to experience music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber all over again, with awe-inspiring performances by the unrivaled faces on Broadway today. And you can’t afford to miss out! But tickets are already running out for this unbelievable work that may be the unrivaled show of 2024! But you still have time! All you have to do is Order your tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar at The Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado on Sunday 28th January 2024 before it’s too late!

Jesus Christ Superstar is considered one of the most amazing rock operas of all time. It combines music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice to tell the story of Jesus in a original new way. And this musical event quickly won legions of fans that helped it survive intense debate and several awards and award nominations. And that proud tradition of unbelievable music continues today with this latest tour run. Webber and Rice return with unbelievable director Timothy Sheader to lead an incredible staff of Broadway’s favorite performers. And that includes Aaron LaVigne who takes on the challenging role of Jesus. And this show is taking place at The Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado, which is home to cutting edge sound and lighting engineering that will help create the most enjoyable theater experience around. In fact, The Buell Theatre is frequently named as one of the best venues in Colorado! So when you want to check out what may be the favorite show of 2024, then make sure you come out to see Jesus Christ Superstar at The Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado on Sunday 28th January 2024!

Jesus Christ Superstar at The Buell Theatre

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