Mean Girls at Buell Theatre

Mean Girls Tickets

Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

The Buell Theatre is asking you to the ‘fetch’ Mean Girls on Friday 30th December 2022. Book your seats right away for an evening of envy, gossip, humour and popular culture, with kicking melodies that are the background to the ‘cautionary tale’ of New student Cady Heron. North Shore High School is a mess of teenager anxiety and rumours, where Queen Bee, Regina George, rules the school. Can naïve Cady out last the trials and tribulations of North Shore High School, or will she change so she doesn’t recognise herself? Relish the ’biatch’-y satire and tunes of Mean Girls on Friday 30th December 2022 and book your tickets before they are gone. The Buell Theatre, Denver, Colorado is where the ‘coolness’ will be, do not lose out.

Meet the pupils of North Shore High on Friday 30th December 2022 at the The Buell Theatre, Denver, Colorado for the award nominated show Mean Girls. Do not miss your chance to enjoy the story of Cady and The Plastics, so purchase your places today. Home-schooled Cady Heron is introduced to The Plastics – Queen Bee, Regina George and her minions, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith, and her universe is instantly turned around. Cady discovers the truth of popularity and what signifies genuine loyalty. Songs such as, ‘A Cautionary Tale’, ‘Revenge Party’ and ‘Where Do You Belong’, enable viewers to remember the desires of teenage years with their strong lyrics and catchy rhythms. The Buell Theatre is a great location for the spectacle of Mean Girls to be enjoyed. It’s gear and layout all contribute to create a theatre that not only exquisitely presents the production, but also gives spectators a comfortable time with its onsite and local facilities. Denver, Colorado is a friendly city to dine out in with fabulous eateries and bars, car parking facilities, public transport and accommodations. Do not forget Friday 30th December 2022 for a tale of teenage palaver with Mean Girls at the The Buell Theatre and grab your seats before they are all gone.

Mean Girls at Buell Theatre

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