Taylor Tomlinson at Buell Theatre

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Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

The 'quarantine favorite' star is back on the road! All set to give 'em her all, Taylor Tomlinson is hitting the stage at Buell Theatre on Saturday, 23rd of September 2023. The "Quarter Life Crisis" comic continues to send the crowd laughing their socks off with her hilarious tales and relatable doses of stand-up genius. Tomlinson recently scored a deal to stage another set of stand-up specials for Netflix. Amassing global attention amidst lockdowns last March of 2020, the comic returned to the streaming giant with "Look at You", sharing stories and adventures from her childhood and dating shenanigans. Finding humor in life's lemons, and making sweet servings of lemonade, Taylor Tomlinson continues to be dignified by her strength, finding joy in life's mishaps. As she gives it her all at her very own "The Have It All Tour" trek, make sure to save your spots at the show by booking your tickets now!

Taylor Tomlinson at Buell Theatre

Hailed as a 'quarantine favorite' for sending doses of joy and laughter amidst global lockdowns from March 2020, Taylor Tomlinson rose to global acclaim for her relatable stand-up Netflix specials. As the "Quarter Life Crisis" star continues to serve outstanding live stand-up shows at her "The Have It All Tour" trek, she's definitely giving it her all, bagging a deal for another 2 Netflix Specials. Extending her ongoing stand-up trek, fans across the nation have more chances to catch the sought-after comic live on stage.

Known for finding humor in life's hurdles and challenges, Taylor Tomlinson is definitely a ray of sunshine amidst life's different seasons. Los Angeles Times notes that "even when she’s navigating painful waters, she can’t help but find the humor." That definitely hits the spot. With her newest special "Look at You" making rounds on Netflix, Tomlinson nails hitting the feels amidst life seasons, hilariously sending her messages to the crowd.

Despite happy times and not-so-happy moments in life, Tomlinson surely possesses the heart of a comedian. Finding lessons and joy in whatever comes her way.

"I am generally writing about things happening in my own life, in what I hope is a very relatable way," the comic shared with Variety. Signing a deal with Netflix for new specials, "That’s a level of security that you don’t get very often in this business," she shared as she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity. "It’s a huge weight off your shoulders… I feel incredibly grateful and lucky."

As an iconic star in the world of comedy, Taylor Tomlinson is taking the time to reflect on 'having it all' as she lives what one might describe as 'the dream'.

"Depending on where you are in your life, a lot of people think that if they have the career they want that it will fix everything, and a lot of people think having the relationship they want will fix all their problems, and the reality is that nothing fixes all of your problems," she shared with Vanyaland. "So, when you do get what you’ve been working for, and it doesn’t fix everything, there is that little bit of sadness that comes along after thinking it would solve everything, and then it doesn’t."

As she continues to navigate life and its realities, Tomlinson is set to hit the stage and share her stories with the crowd. Though she touches on heavy topics in her stand-up acts, she definitely hits the spot when it comes to turning it up a notch – reminding the crowd of lessons learned through hilarious perspectives of joy and positivity.

Hailed as "a comic with the confidence of a star" by The New York Times, Tomlinson's "Have It All Tour" surely won't disappoint. As she gives it her all, make sure you're right at the show by booking those tickets now!

Taylor Tomlinson at Buell Theatre

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