Tedx Mile High: ReThink at Buell Theatre

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Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

Ever thought of challenging yourself? Building a whole new mindset beyond the realms you thought possible? Connecting with individuals and likeminded people from a community of activists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and artists? Well, Saturday 23rd October could be just the day to make that step! The innovative Tedexmilehigh movement will be stopping by to create an inspirational experience for those wishing to change their mindset from switched off to switched on! The stunning Buell theatre, an ideal location, will be hosting the experience. If you want to be part of this life changing event, click buy now to secure your tickets!

Tedx Mile High: ReThink at Buell Theatre

"Ideas worth spreading" ……a community of activists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and artists come together to share important ideas and realise the power of the individual. This invigorating experience will have you challenging the structured narratives of society and keen to join progressive change in business, social, financial and cultural life. Saturday 23rd October will be the day you create positive changes in your life and complement your growth as a person of impact in society.

How much has your life changed since the pandemic struck? This inspirational experience will help you RETHINK our future after previous life as we know becomes obsolete, be part of the change, be part of the movement at this dynamic event.

The Buell Theatre is well known for its exceptional hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, a vast range of amenities, delicious refreshments and walking distance to continue your day or night in a relaxed…or an excitable fashion! Start your journey to RETHINK, secure your tickets now and click BUY below!

Tedx Mile High: ReThink at Buell Theatre

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