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The Hip Hop Nutcracker Tickets

The Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

The Hip Hop Nutcracker

For one more night, The Hip Hop Nutcracker returns for another run at the Buell Theatre on Saturday, November 18th this year! Join Maria Clara and the Nutcracker Prince as they uncover the real scoop on what makes the Christmas season so darn special. This time, it’s ten times more upbeat than it’s ever been! The two-hour production will be performed by a cast of all-star dancers, a violinist, and a DJ playing back-to-back classical Tchaikovsky on top of funky tunes. As a bonus, hip-hop pioneer MC Kurtis Blow will open the event with a brief show to set the mood for the entire evening! Come and watch a performance that isn’t afraid to play with a few traditions in order to create some bold new ones. Bring your whole family and loved ones to this holiday mash-up at the theater down in Denver. Stop worrying and click that purchase button right now!

The Hip Hop Nutcracker will be running at the Buell Theatre on November 18, 2023! Following a throwback intro medley by hip-hop veteran Kurtis Blow, the show opens with a solid 30 minutes of classic hip-hop cuts from DJ Boo. In a nutshell, the performance maintains the essence of the original Nutcracker tale while injecting modern twists.

The Nutcracker, now a street vendor, teams up with Maria-Clara to defeat the Mouse King using red magic sneakers. The Land of Sweets transforms into a throwback nightclub, and the story takes unexpected turns.

According to Decider, what’s great about The Hip Hop Nutcracker is the way it highlights generations of hip-hop dance history into a two-hour presentation that reimagines traditional elements of the beloved tale. Preserving the core narrative, the Land of Sweets segment is a prime example of how the live show emphasizes the motions and attires from several decades since hip hop's inception.

“It’s also remarkable how ballet, traditional ballet, is kept in the mix throughout. It exists right alongside breaking, voguing, turfing, popping, locking — all kinds of dances. I can imagine this being a favorite of any kid, tween, or teen who already loves to dance and all the ones who will love to dance after watching this special,” the review continues.

Fusing hip-hop with Tchaikovsky's music results in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere on stage. Under the direction and choreography of Jennifer Weber, the performance showcases dancers embodying the essence of both genres. The production's visual aspects hold significant importance, with inventive costumes that offer a fresh interpretation of Nutcracker tradition and skillful lighting design by Brandon Stirling Baker that effectively manipulates the stage's ambiance. Additionally, Moe Shahrooz's creative video projections enhance the backdrop with urban streets and Christmas scenes.

The Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre is regarded as one of the Denver Performing Arts Complex's biggest and most successful theaters. Additionally, it is an in-demand venue known for hosting a variety of productions which makes it the perfect location to host the holiday mash-up. Watch the Nutcracker come to life in this modern-day retelling, and purchase your tickets now!

The Hip Hop Nutcracker at The Buell Theatre

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