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The Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado


The production recommends it for children aged seven and up, although children younger than that will still love it. Do note, however, that there are bits that can get a bit dark and scary − and loud − so prepare the younger ones ahead of time. They will also appreciate it more if they are already familiar with the storyline, so it may be a good idea for them to see (or a good excuse to re-watch) the classic movie before going for WICKED the musical. Stay-at-home mum Alicia Tan, 38, says, “The last time it was here, my kids both loved it. They were five and nine then. The older one is insisting we go watch it again this time round!”. What more do we need to say? Get your tickets for WICKED at the The Buell Theatre in Denver here!

WICKED is touring again for summer, 2024! This famous broadway has won thirty three outstanding awards over the past 8 years, it's impressive! These include no less than 10 Tony's and Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album. When you see WICKED in the flesh, you'll realise why it's so successful. If it's not for the incredible choreography, the stunning cast of rising stars or the jaw dropping effects, you'll adore the engrossing and touching tale of before and after the traditional OZ..... 2 unlikely pals, Elphaba and Galinda, and a glimpse at their struggle to be GOOD! Expect big and memorable ballads in this critically acclaimed broadway, enjoyable for the whole family, this Tuesday in August is going to be an experience to talk about for weeks! Book yourself in at the impressive, The Buell Theatre of Denver, Colorado on Tuesday 6th August 2024, tickets are out now, so press the 'get tickets' button immediately to secure yours for the premier evening of the year!

Wicked at The Buell Theatre

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