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The Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

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If one of the experiences on your bucket list is to watch a ballet live performance, then might as well tick it off with 'The Ballet of ballets', one of the most celebrated ballets of all time. The World Ballet Series presents Swan Lake at Buell Theatre on Thursday 2nd May. Swan Lake is one of the legendary stories we all grew up with and were captivated with, now retold and breathed with life and vigor through the masterful production of the World Ballet Series, a Los Angeles-based and said to be one of the largest touring ballet production companies. For Swan Lake to come alive, they have assembled a cast of 50 talented and renowned dancers from 10 different countries, wearing 150 brilliantly hand-crafted and exquisite costumes, and weaving together this masterpiece are hand-painted rich sets executed with the finest and breathtaking details. Then to set things in motion, the orchestral music comes from the original classical music legend composition and creation of the great Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, where "Dance of the Little Swans” is considered one of the the most unforgettable and iconic moments in ballet. Music, movement, and magical moment are more than enough reasons for you to bring your significant ones to see Swan Lake at the Buell Theatre on Thursday 2nd. Give them the gift of awe and enchantment, book your tickets now!

The story of Swan Lake has been told and retold for ages as it has been produced and re-created in pop culture and media like literature, live-action films, animation, TV shows, computer video games, and yes, even Barbie has its own rendition of it. LA-based ballet production, The World Ballet Series will pay homage to the original 100+-year-old creation as well as their own creative execution by casting 50 accomplished dances from 10 countries. The ballet company describes their work as..."we’re about more than just dance. We aim to bring people together through ballet, celebrating this art form and its power to tell universal stories. With talented dancers from around the world, we’re creating memorable productions that resonate with audiences...The story of “Swan Lake” is indeed a global one, touching hearts across nations. We, at the World Ballet Series, are proud to highlight this universality."

In a nutshell, Swan Lake is a classic love story of Princess Odette and Prince Siegfried, given a captivating yet heart-breaking plot twist as the mysterious stranger Rothbart, who out of spite for Odette for refusing his offer of marriage, cursed the Princess to turn into a beautiful white swan and can only be saved and transformed back into human by someone who will offer true love and faithfulness.

Swan Lake, with music created by the illustrious Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, was staged sometime in the late 1800s yet it was initially a dismal flop. It may have been way ahead of its time, but beautiful music and a timeless love story can truly stand the test of time. Over the years, Swan Lake has grown to be loved by audiences all over the world, making it one of the most crowd-pleasing and enduring ballets of all time. Hence, The World Ballet Series has done its share of keeping Swan Lakes' ubiquitous legacy. To expound on this objective, The World Ballet Series explains --"As we step onto the stage, we keep in mind the incredible legacy “Swan Lake” has established over the years. Its magic doesn’t just lie in the graceful pirouettes, the breathtaking leaps, or the precise fouettes. The essence of “Swan Lake” is deeply rooted in the emotional narrative it conveys—a tale of undying love, heartbreaking betrayal, and the struggle between good and evil...This melange of unique artistic perspectives adds a vibrant dimension to our performance, making it a truly global experience.

Swan Lake is not just something you could check on your to-do or to-watch list. It's a romantic saga, a masterpiece come to life, and a dazzling life experience to enrich the heart, mind, and soul. World Ballet Series: Swan Lake at Buell Theatre on Thursday 2nd May 2024 - save the date and book your tickets now!

World Ballet Series at The Buell Theatre

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