Frozen – The Musical at Buell Theatre

frozen musical at buell theatreAnna and Elsa are skating across North America on the tour of this much-awaited live production! The Denver Center for the Performing Arts recently announced seven added titles to its ’23-’24 season, and Disney’s Frozen – The Musical will return to the Buell Theatre for the first time since its pre-Broadway showing over five years ago! From June 19th to June 30th next year, watch one of the definitive musicals that changed the world forever with the Academy Award-winning original “Let It Go” and other hit tracks like “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” and “Love Is An Open Door.” The Buell Theatre has long been hailed as Broadway’s home away from home, as it continues to host the largest performances, making this the best location to bring your favorite Frozen characters to life. Still having doubts about buying those tickets? Just Let It Go, and hit that purchase button now!

Frozen – The Musical Tickets:

“Warmth and humor pervade Frozen, breathing theatrical life into a POP CULTURE PHENOMENON about the enduring power of love.” – Variety

“’Let It Go’ is a SHOWSTOPPER IF THERE EVER WAS ONE.” – The New York Times

“It will give you chills! Amazing special effects, eye-popping costumes, and incredible performances.” – Newsday

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As part of the theater’s upcoming season, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts announces Frozen – The Musical, arriving at the Buell Theatre as it travels across the United States for its North American Tour.

This musical is an adaptation of the animated film “Frozen” that won Oscars for Best Song (“Let It Go”) and Best Animated Feature. It features two acts, approximately two hours and fifteen minutes long, with one intermission. Based loosely on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” the plot contains dark elements involving parents’ deaths and the challenges of sisterhood. This adaptation has been updated to resist oversimplified ideas of good and bad, as well as self-acceptance and empowerment.

The story introduces Princess Elsa and her younger sister Princess Anna during the first act. Elsa possesses ice magic, which accidentally injures Anna during a playtime incident in their younger years. Fearing this uncontrolled power, Elsa isolates herself from the outside world and seeks help from the hidden folk to alter Anna’s memories but falls short when she reveals this later on during her coronation ceremony. She flees and, in doing so, accidentally plunges Arendelle into an eternal winter. With the help of ice harvester Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and an enchanted snowman Olaf, Anna bands together to search for Elsa, who is tucked away in an ice palace born out of her growing magic.

“A theatrical extravaganza that delivers. There are screams, cheers, tears, and the effect is genuinely electric!” – New York Magazine.

“The Hottest Snow on Broadway!” – Vanity Fair

In the second act, the group reaches the ice palace, where Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart. They set out to find the hidden folk, who reveal that “an act of true love” can reverse the tragic spell. Will Elsa realize the key to controlling her powers? Or will the kingdom’s eternal winter become their downfall? Audiences will discover how true love’s power can solve the mess these characters have gotten themselves into.

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The full main cast for the North American tour of Frozen: The Musical can be seen here:

  • Caroline Bowman as Elsa
  • Lauren Nicole Chapman as Anna
  • Jeremy Davis as Olaf
  • Dominic Dorset as Kristoff
  • Preston Perez as Hans
  • Collin Baja and Dan Plehal as Sven
  • Evan Duff and Jeremy Morse as Weselton
  • Annie Piper Braverman & Emma Origenes as Young Anna
  • Erin Choi & Savannah Lumar as Young Elsa

The rest of the ensemble includes Alicia Albright, Belinda Allyn, Kate Bailey, Jack Brewer, Kristen Smith Davis, C.K. Edwards, Michael Everett, Natalie Goodin, Michael Allan Haggerty, Zach Hess, Tyler Jimenez, Hannah Jewel Kohn, Dustin Layton, Adrianna Rose Lyons, Alexander Mendoza, Kyle Lamar Mitchell, Tony Neidenbach, Jessie Peltier and many more!

Dorset, an African American who plays Kristoff in the musical, is interviewed by Broadway World, where he shares his experience working with the production. “I was ecstatic, obviously,” he said. “Disney has a track record of producing fantastic musicals out of original movies with The Lion King and Aladdin. Frozen is a story everybody loves, and the film already had great music, so it was likely that it would become a very entertaining Broadway show.”

Written by a trio of Oscar winners, the production features music by the creators of the film score EGOT-winner Robert Lopez along with Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and a book by Jennifer Lee, the film’s screenwriter and director. Moreover, the list of creatives involved in producing the magic behind the scenes can be seen here:

  • Direction by Michael Grandage
  • Choreography by Rob Ashford
  • Scenic and Costume Design by Christopher Oram
  • Lighting Design by Natasha Katz
  • Sound Design by Peter Hylenski
  • Video Design by Finn Ross
  • Puppet Design by Michael Curry
  • Hair Design by David Brian Brown
  • Makeup Design by Anne Ford-Coates
  • Special Effects Design by Jeremy Chernick
  • Music Supervision and Arrangements by Stephen Oremus
  • Orchestrations by Dave Metzger

Catch the most-awaited chilling musical at the Buell Theatre for a two-week-long showing that will blow the crowds away!

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“In the midst of glittering sets and impressive snow tricks, the bond between the sisters effectively and literally takes the spotlight.” – Entertainment Weekly

“It’s working a charming spell on the Broadway stage.” – Spectrum News