Riverdance Tickets

Riverdance Tickets

Welcome to a fantastic display of skills, artistry, and tradition as the iconic Riverdance makes its way to Colorado this spring. The artistic dance phenomenon that swept the world since it debuted in the 1994’s Eurovision Song Contest is now in its 25th year. Like you, we couldn’t wait to witness the incredible series of dances that will surely enthrall audiences through its breathtaking choreography, dancers’ impressive stamina, innovative and spectacular lighting, video, stage, and costume designs. All of which exude the energy and culture of Irish tradition.  


“…an ensemble-driven uniformity of motion at times nuanced, at times explosive…unforgettable.”  – MD Theatre Guide


If you have seen a performance of Riverdance before, you will immediately know that you are looking at a performance with traditional artistry at its core. For those who have never heard of this treasured theatre show around the world, Riverdance is a showcase of Irish traditional dance and music. Every part of it is an homage and a snippet of the beauty of Irish culture. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular performances, with it being played and having productions all over the world. To experience Irish culture at its finest, catch this dance and music show as it reaches your city.

“There is a vigor and vitality in this company dancers, singers, and musicians.”  – New York Theatre Guide

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Before Riverdance became the icon it is right now, its beginnings can be traced to the 1994 Eurovision Competition hosted by Dublin, Ireland. The show displays the grace of the traditional music genre Timedance, which is inspired by the Baroque movement. Its first short version was performed during the interval of the competition. An estimated 300 million people watched the performance worldwide. It was considered revolutionary as “it transformed the previously chaste and reserved traditional dance form into something else entirely.” Because it made an incredible mark on the viewers, it was later upgraded to a full-fledged show.

In November 1994, the show was performed at the prestigious Royal Variety Performance in London. Prince Charles was their audience. That same month a whopping R£1million was sold in just three weeks for the Riverdance: The Show. Its official start was in 1995, as it opened in its birthplace, Dublin. As expected, it was sold out, and the video recordings of the performances continued to the top charts. Its influence sipped through the UK that same year. It also topped the UK charts and was a favorite show of the British royals. On July 17, 1995, Riverdance was performed in front of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Margaret at London’s Royal College of Music.

Its demand continued through the years. It expanded to many European cities, including Belfast and Geneva. By 1996, it was already being performed in North America, starting with New York. The US tour officially began on October 1996 up until February 1997. And by 2000, it had been transferred to Broadway. Riverdance was performed at the 2003 Special Olympics Opening Ceremony in Dublin, and it also featured the longest troupe line ever seen in an Irish dance presentation, with over 100 dancers.

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Through the years, many artists held the helm of the shows. Michael Flatley and Jean Butler headed the 1995 show; the 1996 Riverdance: Live From New York City was guided by Colin Dunne and Jean Butler; another is the 2002 Riverdance: Live From Geneva, which was led by Breandán de Gallaí and Joanne Doyle; Padraic Moyles & Aislinn Ryan directed the Riverdance: Live From Beijing in 2010; and the extra special Riverdance 25 Anniversary Show: Live In Dublin in 2020 by Bobby Hodges & Amy-Mae Dolan. 

Riverdance has produced many recordings with two CDs, one VHS, and eight DVDs. And with the increasing number of performances worldwide, we can only expect more recordings to come out in the future. 

In 2020, a significant achievement was reached when Riverdance was adapted into an animated film. Riverdance: The Animated Adventure came out in 2021, which borrowed voices from stellar artists, including Pierce Brosnan, Lilly Singh, Jermaine Fowler, Pauline McLynn, Aisling Bea, John Kavanagh, and Brendan Gleeson. 

Riverdance has marked its legacy in history. It is performed worldwide, even though some have been scaled down and performed in more intimate settings. While earlier shows were staged in enormous theaters and arenas, the current productions are designed for smaller theaters. As a result, sets have been made more straightforward, and some numbers have fewer performers than in previous presentations. However, the essence continues to touch hearts and inspire people.

“The disciplined yet exuberant dance is punctuated by moving, primitive music.” –New York Theatre Guide 

As its director and producer promised, the 25th Anniversary show is “Riverdance, as you’ve never seen it before!” From May 31 to June 4, 2023, Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show will be performed at the Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado. A perfect place for such a performance, the famous Colorado venue will be filled with the Grammy Award-winning score and the thrilling energy and passion of the ensemble’s Irish and international dance. In this anniversary show, composer Bill Whelan re-recorded Riverdance’s original hypnotic score, and producer Moya Doherty and director John McColgan gave the groundbreaking production all new lighting, video, stage, and costume designs for audiences to fully enjoy the experience. This is a must-see for people of all ages, so persuade your loved ones to go! Get your tickets and mark your calendars because this is an experience you will never forget. 

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