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wicked at buell theatreSomething wicked is coming to soon… The magical tale of the witches from Oz is back on Broadway! Wicked is exactly what you think it is – truly wicked. Marvelous news for all theatre fans and Wizard of Oz fans alike, Wicked is making a highly-anticipated run in Denver, Colorado! This is your chance to immerse yourselves in the colorful tale of Wicked.

Wicked will make its run at the Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado from from the 24th of July to the 25 of August, 2024. We know you’re all excited for this spectacular show – so mark your calendars as early as now. Immerse yourselves in the land of the Emerald City like never before; enjoy the show’s vibrant tunes; and marvel at the production.

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Wicked Tickets:

“’Wicked’ brings humor, heart and spectacle to an age-old tale.” – The Spokesman Review

“The most complete, and completely satisfying, new musical I’ve come across in a long time.” – USA Today

“Wicked was one of the best musicals I have seen.” – The Cosmic Circus

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There’s a lot of things that happened before Dorothy dropped in the land of Oz – and that’s exactly what you’ll find in Wicked. The story goes like this… There was a woman born with emerald skin – smart, talented and driven yet misunderstood. She meets a bright blonde, and their initial rivalry turns into an unexpected friendship. That is until… the world decided to call one woman good – and the other one WICKED.

Stephen Schwartz wrote the music and lyrics for the musical Wicked, while Winnie Holzman wrote the book. The Broadway premiere in 2003 was under the direction of Joe Mantello and choreography by Wayne Cilento. The original Broadway production won three Tony Awards and seven Drama Desk Awards, while its original cast album received a Grammy Award. Wicked has broken box-office records around the world – and it now holds weekly-gross-takings records in Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, and London

The first act explores Elphaba’s stay at Shiz University, where she first meets Galinda and learns how to control her power. These are not the same two titular characters that fans are familiar with from The Wizard of Oz. Elphaba is a passionate, driven person on a quest to save the world. Her motivation for speaking out against the mistreatment of the talking animals who live in Oz is what drives her throughout the show. But along with that desire comes rage, which inspires many amazing Broadway magic. On the other hand, Galinda is a conceited person who goes out of her way to be liked and is nasty to those who aren’t.

The narrative of an adult Elphaba and Glinda – who has omitted the first A from her name – is continued in Act 2. Glinda embraces the spectacle and dazzle as Elphaba seeks to make Oz right. The second act is a fantastic finish to the whole plot and was every bit as good as the first. The second act is more in line with the original Wizard of Oz narrative and revealed the origins of many of the characters that fans have grown to adore over the years.

“What a spectacle this is! Keep your eye on the witches. These wonderful girls from Oz are a delight.” – Newsday

“Built on songs by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Winnie Holzman, the show is steeped in talent.” – The New York Times

“If every musical had the brains, heart & courage of wicked broadway really would be a magical place.” – Time Magazine

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The Wicked soundtrack is quite conceptual and, in some ways, resembles a cinematic theme more than a standard musical score. Schwartz used a few leitmotifs throughout the performance, unlike many musical compositions that use fresh themes and melodies for each song with little overlap. Some of these themes denote sarcasm; for instance, the music reprises a tune from “What Is This Feeling?” a few scenes earlier when Glinda gives Elphaba a “ghastly” hat in “Dancing Through Life”.

There are indeed several memorable songs throughout the two and a half hour production. “What is this feeling?”, “No One Mourns the Wicked,” and “Popular” are a few of the show’s standouts among some other top-tier performances. The Cosmic Cirus said however, “Defying Gravity closing out the first act was the absolute best song of the entire show. Lindsay Pearce put her entire heart and soul into that song, causing me to have tears and goosebumps as she hit her final note.”

Wicked is a Broadway long-runner for a good reason. Find out why when the show arrives in Denver, Colorado! Wicked will run at the Buell Theatre from the 24th of July to the 25 of August, 2024. Discover the untold story of the witches of Oz at Broadway’s biggest blockbuster. Tickets to Wicked are on sale right now! This show can be enjoyed by children and adults alike – everyone is sure to have fun. Save your seats right now because tickets are selling fast!

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