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The Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

Frozen - The Musical

The welknown hit Frozen‘s has a lot to amaze us with, but its visual elements are the favorite part. The movie might be gracefully animated, but viewers should anticipate no less on stage from Disney’s Broadway adaptation. The sets are dashing and elaborate, and the costumes bring the world of Arendelle to life. Of course, the highlight in terms of theatrics has to be “Let It Go,” which involves Elsa’s dress reveal just as does in the film. It’s a striking moment that is even even better in real life. And what makes it even more unforgettable is the added effect of the “snow” fall, which covers the entire audience with white flakes. Frozen - The Musical leaves you with a brisk, feel-good winter wonderland feeling no matter what the temps may be outside the theater. Order your ticket now!

The Frozen Musical is inspired by the 2013 popular film bearing the identical title. The musical's captivating tunes and lyrics are crafted by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, while Jennifer Lee contributing the intriguing story. Essentially, the plot centers on the bond of a pair of royal sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa wields unusual powers to congeal objects and individuals, though she struggles to manage them. After accidentally casting an eternal winter upon her realm, Elsa flees and unintentionally puts her sister's life. To save the day, she must offer a sacrifice that proves her genuine love.

Frozen’s narrative is cherished by enthusiasts globally. It perfectly captures the essence of love and family bonds. Featuring a stellar soundtrack that appeals to both young ones and grown-ups, Frozen has established itself as a regular feature in households across the globe. The first film introduced the voices of incredibly talented performers, with Kristen Bell voicing Anna and Idina Menzel playing Elsa.

“Step aside, Frosty,” remarked Variety upon the release of the 2013 Disney animated film. “A whimsical snowman with a desire to feel summer effortlessly steals the spotlight in “Frozen,” Disney’s 53rd internally produced animated production and among its most vintage, having a lineage rooted in Hans Christian Andersen, a complete song-and-dance score, and little traces of the ironic comedy that has evolved into the common language of contemporary cartoons. Yet, this always delightful tale of enigmatic magic, imperiled princesses, and bold, assertive men of action offers greater emphasis on visually stunning moments than on truly engaging or memorable characters.”

Brace yourselves to take a mesmerizing journey into a wintry realm like previously unexplored as Frozen the Musical takes center stage in Denver, Colorado! This child-focused musical guarantees entertainment for children and parents alike, delivering a blend of joy for all generations. Derived from a hit film that remains relevant a ten years after its debut, Frozen the Musical is sure to spread happiness! Showcasing themes of love, loss, and family bonds, the core theme of the story will make an effect on your souls. Join the The Buell Theatre on Tuesday 25th June 2024 for this remarkable stage performance! Don't miss out on Frozen the Musical; reserve your tickets right away by clicking ‘get tickets’ now before they're gone!

Frozen - The Musical at The Buell Theatre

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