Mean Girls at Buell Theatre

Mean Girls Tickets

Buell Theatre | Denver, Colorado

The Tony Award nominated production Mean Girls is coming to the The Buell Theatre on Saturday 31st December 2022 and is your night to fall into the universe of North Shore High School. Grab your tickets immediately and know you have your chairs for a night of strong music, current news references and funny people. Journey with newbie Cady Heron as she is pushed into the crazy environment of mainstream education and see how she tackles the ferocity of North Shore High. Will she yield to The Plastics? Make sure you arrive on Saturday 31st December 2022 to witness the energetic Mean Girls at the The Buell Theatre, Denver, Colorado, buy your seats without delay and avoid remorse.

Ready for an exciting evening out with your peers filled with a sharp sense of humor and hilarious one-liners? That’s what we thought, and we’re more than glad to deliver the good news. One of the most highly esteemed musical performances in 2022 – the infamous “Mean Girls” will make a stop in Denver, Colorado, to hit the scene of the much-heralded The Buell Theatre. The mind-blowing performance on stage is not the only reason to hurry up and click the Buy Ticket button, though. The theatre has a furious reputation of putting on some of the most exciting theatre events in this part of the state, and the hosts never fail to deliver the ultimate viewing experience for the patrons. You’re just a click away from joining them on this exclusive Saturday evening out – don’t miss it!

Mean Girls at Buell Theatre

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